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About Decoy Bags

If you love to hunt ducks, you know that setting up a good decoy spread is key to a successful outing. At SCHEELS, we carry a huge selection of duck decoy lines, anchors, bags and accessories to help you keep your decoys in great shape and to deploy them as effectively as possible. Whether you use traditional decoys or modern decoys, you'll find what you need here to ensure peak performance and results.

To help set your spread properly, we offer decoy lines made from your choice of materials, including monofilament and braid. We also carry rigging kits for waterfowl decoys that contain everything you need to rig your decoys right, including monofilament line, nickel-plated brass clips, stainless steel swivels and carabiner clips. In addition, we offer anchors for your decoys.

Our duck decoy bags make it convenient to haul your decoys while also helping to protect your investment in them. These bags range from simple mesh bags to water-resistant canvas bags that are as good looking as the are practical.

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