Dove Decoys

About Dove Decoys

The old saying that “birds of a feather flock together” holds true for doves and crows as well as just about any other type of bird. That’s why dove and crow decoys can be so effective in increasing your success when hunting these species. At SCHEELS, we carry dove, crow and bird decoys in a variety of styles to help you maximize your success during your precious time afield.

Our beautiful bird decoys are available singly or in groups. If you're looking for effective dove decoys, SCHEELS offers a range of choices. These include motorized decoys that add action to the decoys’ lifelike design. We also carry dove decoys with wind-driven spinning wings that are useful for hunting in areas where motorized decoys aren't allowed or if you just don't like the hassle and expense of replacing batteries. You'll find dove decoys that can be mounted on poles as well as clip-on dove decoys you can attach to branches, fences and just about anywhere else for a realistic presentation.

If you're into hunting crows, we also offer crow decoys that can increase your success with these gregarious birds. Combined with effective crow calling, these decoys can be deadly for these cunning black birds.

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