Duck Decoys

About Duck Decoys

At SCHEELS, we carry dozens of duck decoys to help make your duck hunts more enjoyable and more successful. Available in a host of species, styles and price points, our duck, mallard and teal decoys and accessories will fill the needs of practically any duck-hunting situation and meet any budget.

Our selection of duck decoys includes popular species like mallards, blue-winged teal, pintail, greenhead and wood ducks. You can choose from a variety of positions so you can set up your spread to bring in ducks. Pick from feeder duck decoys as well as floaters to convey a completely natural impression to those ducks looking for some company. Use some of our puddler duck decoys to vary your decoy lineup and bring in those wary ducks that have grown tired of seeing the same old decoys.

In addition to an outstanding assortment of duck decoys, you'll find all the decoy accessories you need at SCHEELS to get the most out of your spread. Just a few of these accessories include anchor sets, remote kits and decoy bags. Browse, and if you have any questions, simply fill in and submit our handy online question form.