Gun Cleaning

About Gun Cleaning


After a long day of high-stakes shooting in the field or at the range, your gun needs a good scrub-down. SCHEELS has all the gun cleaning essentials you need to keep your firearm sparkling from stock to barrel. We offer advanced gun oil and gun cleaner products that remove powder fouling, lead, copper and plastics without affecting the appearance or performance of your weapon. You'll also find reliable gun degreasers and lubricating oils that keep all the most essential components of your gun in tip-top shape. recommends picking up some gun cleaning tools, such as cleaning swabs, cloths and cotton patches, to ensure that the solution reaches the proper nooks and crannies. If you prefer, you may purchase one of our all-inclusive gun cleaning kits that come with everything you need to keep your gun squeaky clean. These cleaning toolkits come with essentials such as brushes, rods and mops and are neatly packaged in organized carrying cases for quick cleaning in the field.