About Safes


A quick-access gun safe is one the safest and smartest ways to store your firearms when not in use. SCHEELS offers some of the most popular and industry-leading safe designs to ensure that your guns are accessible only to those with the proper credentials. We offer compact, firearm-specific safes as well as larger styles that let you keep your most prized possessions perfectly secure, including jewelry, electronics and personal documents.

At SCHEELS we only offer products from the most respected names in security, such as Stack-On, SnapSafe, GunVault, Sentry, Hornady and Safetech. There are various sizes and styles with different security features. But what they share in common is expert design for uncompromising quality.

Stack-On, a company known for secure storage since 1972, offers various types of safes. There are portable security cases with combination locks, slim electronic lock cases, quick access personal safes with electronic locks and locking rifle cabinets with adjustable shelves. SnapSafe offerings include keyed lock boxes, while GunVault has safes of different sizes, from the compact and portable to multiple-gun units with keypad and motion detector.