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Nose Jammer Spray

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Nose Jammer Spray

Style: 851651-3007

Take your prey's keen sense of smell out of the equation! Nose Jammer utilizes vanillin and other organic compounds delivered at concentrated levels to effectively jam, or overload, a big game animal's sense of smell. Best of all, it does so without alarming the animal to danger because the Nose Jammer ingredients are commonly found in North American woods. It's so powerful game won't be able to smell anything else (like you)! Perfect for stalking or stand hunting. Wrong wind? No problem! Nose Jammer works in any wind condition. Olfactory overload tips the scales back in your favor! 6 oz. spray lasts up to 15 hunts.

This item qualifies as an ORM-D consumer commodity and cannot be shipped by air and can only be shipped UPS ground.

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