Tuff Sleeve Bat Protector


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Tuff Sleeve Bat Protector

Style: 2905-TS100-E5

The newly re-designed TUFF SLEEVE™ bat protector slides on and off any size wood or aluminum baseball or softball bat. TUFF SLEEVE™ is a tapered tube that has a tough rubber outer surface with cotton fabric on the inside allowing the TUFF SLEEVE™ to slide on with ease. National Testing Laboratories has found that the TUFF SLEEVE™ eliminates 25% of the force of impact between ball and bat without affecting ball flight. Now you can hit with confidence that your bat will not be damaged during batting practice.

• Extends Bat Life and Graphics
• Slides on with Ease
• Reduces Vibration
• Teaches Hitting Zone
• Used in Batting Cages
• Lightweight and Durable
• Fits 2.25" to 2.75" Barrels

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