Markwort Glove Locker Wrap


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Markwort Glove Locker Wrap

Style: 3742-LOCK-E5

The complete break-in and maintenance kit. Protects glove during storage. Maintains proper shape with durable neoprene wrap. Glove conditioner included.

Glove Locker hugs your glove uniformly with the ball secure in an inner pocket. Its easily stretchable and washable neoprene is superlight, yet durable.

It has incredible life, springing back into shape time after time. And because it covers more of the outer surface than a belt or shoelace, it protects the outside leather during storage.

For breaking in new gloves, just rub a little Glove Lube™ on your glove and follow the easy wrapping instructions. In just a few days you'll see the results, as your glove begins to take on the natural shape of the ball it's hugging.

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