Adult EvoShield Wrist Guard with Strap


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Adult EvoShield Wrist Guard with Strap

Style: 891226-2044160-E5

Gone are the days where pre-game rituals are interrupted by taping your wrists. With the EvoShield Wrist Guard with Strap, choose the level of compression that you want without the hassle of taping up before every game. The adjustable high performance strap has a uniquely branded rubber tab for easy wrapping and unwrapping and gives you a clean, professional look. Next time you’re diving back into first place, or taking away a hit, do it with confidence that your wrist will keep up with your game.

  • Adjustable, high performance strap allows you to choose the level of compression
  • Compression fit for increased wrist support
  • Neoprene sleeve with branded rubber performance strap
  • Sleeve is hand washable, Air dry

Protective Wrist Guard Size Chart
Size Small Medium Large XLarge
Wrist up to 6" 6" to 7" 7" to 8" 8" & Up

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