SKLZ Softball Impact-8 Pack


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SKLZ Softball Impact-8 Pack

Style: 831345-WFSFTBL

Constructed with proprietary pop-back material similar to the material used to make car bumpers, Impact Softballs keep their shape and won’t crack like standard practice balls — even after thousands of swings. Built to provide instant feedback on contact, they help hitters tune their swings to find that all-important sweet spot. Larger ball size mimics standard softballs.


  • Extremely durable and built to last thousands of hits
  • Provide hitters instant feedback on contact
  • Proprietary pop-back technology that collapses on contact without cracking
  • Limited-flight design for easier retrieval
  • Comes as pack of 8
  • Larger ball size mimics standard softballs; 11 inch circumference

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