RIP-IT Defense Pro Fielder's Mask


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RIP-IT Defense Pro Fielder's Mask

Style: 812227-DGBO-Y5

Vision Matters.

We know that vision matters on the field, so that is exactly why we created the Defense Pro fielder's mask-- with vision as our top priority. Our design goal was to eliminate every complaint players ever had in regards to fielder's mask and vision; resulting in the best softball fielder's mask to date. This mask features an open design, includes Blackout Technology, and incorporates thin steel bars that exceed the vision expectations and standards of players worldwide. The Defense Pro remains the best fielder's mask in softball to-date. Players, parents, and coaches alike, all agree that not only does this mask offer unparalleled vision, but it also improves upon player performance on the field.

Looks Matter Too.

Vision and performance matter, but looks are a plus! That is why we offer the Defense Pro fielder's mask in five different color options along with a solid and sleek design. The bars of the Defense Pro are colored using a durable powder coating that is resistant to chipping. Meaning, your Defense Pro will continue to look stylish and vibrant, season after season. Our color options make this fielder's face mask the perfect addition to any team uniform so you will look amazing, while performing even better.

Designed the correct way.

We believe that your peripheral vision is just as important as seeing what is in front of you, so with our face masks we incorporated an open design that goes beyond 180 degrees of vision. This outstanding accomplishment was achieved through a relentless dedication to design. The result? Every element of the Defense Pro was designed to never impede your vision, in turn, helping improve upon your performance at the same time.

Bars of Steel.

As with anything that we design at RIP-IT, we listen to what matters to our players when we sit down to design our gear. One of the complaints often heard from players was that they did not like to wear face masks because they tended to be thick, bulky, and block their vision. The durable steel bars of the Defense Pro masks are our solution to this problem. Not only are they thin and coated with RIP-IT's exclusive Blackout Technology, but the bars of the Defense Pro softball fielder's masks are strategically placed just outside of your field of vision, when worn properly.

Blackout Technology.

Featuring RIP-IT's exclusive Blackout Technology, the Defense Pro softball fielder's mask offers a visionary improvement to protective equipment. Blackout Technology is like eyeblack for your equipment, only better. It eliminates 100% of the visible glare that reflects off of the Defense Pro fielder's masks so you can actually see the ball better. The best part about Blackout Technology is that it does all of the work for you. You just have to put it on, and the difference is apparent. You will see the ball better, field the ball better, and make plays better than ever before. Nothing will come between you or the ability to reach your full potential.

Lightweight construction.

We know that softball is a sport that requires you to react fast, which is why our Defense Pro face masks were designed with speed in mind. With an ultra-light construction, the Defense Pro stays in place while running, and it feels like you are wearing nothing at all! Because the Defense Pro face masks are so light, they help fight fatigue and keep you moving quick when it counts most.

What size are you?

Trying to determine if you need a youth or adult size? Most 12 and under players wear a youth mask.

Adjustable width.

One of the many reasons why the Defense Pro is considered to be the best fielder's mask-- is its size options. The mask is available in both youth and adult size and includes a unique feature that lets you adjust the width of the mask. The frame of the mask was also specially designed to be flexible without having to compromise the strength or durability of the steel bars. Collectively, all of these specially tailored features make the Defense Pro mask the best on the market and a perfect fit for all face shapes and sizes.

Chin cup.

The Defense Pro has a new chin cup and it is better than ever. Re-engineered with an upgraded Velcro, this new chin cup sticks and performs unlike any other chin cup. The high performance Velcro is more durable, and will last game after game, season after season, giving you the infinitely adjustable fit that only RIP-IT offers.

Moisture management wrapped pads.

Every feature incorporated in the Defense Pro softball fielder's mask was designed with comfort in mind. The padding is no exception. These lightweight pads are wrapped with our unique Moisture Management fabric, which pulls sweat and moisture away from your skin. This element allows you to stay cool and dry on the field, therefore eliminating distraction and allowing you to keep your head in the game.

For heads and tails.

Players who wear their hair in a ponytail or pigtails will love how well the Defense Pro softball fielder's mask fits. The Defense Pro features an ultra-flexible head strap that fits comfortably snug and allows for an infinitely adjustable fit, no matter what your hairstyle is. The fit of the mask also keeps hair out of your face, while also remaining in place, even while running. This feature so you can focus on the game with no distractions.

Got sunglasses?

Since we are always trying to answer the needs of players everywhere, the padding on the sides of the Defense Pro was even designed to accommodate players who wear glasses on the field.

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