About Bow Silencing

Every good hunter knows that stealth and silence are crucial to a good hunt. But keeping your mouth shut and not making loud noises aren’t the only components to a stealthy stalk. The mere act of aiming and letting loose an arrow can create noise. Since the speed of sound is much faster than the speed of even the fastest arrow shot by the most powerful bow, that means your quarry can hear your release and scamper off to safety even if you’ve aimed perfectly.

At SCHEELS, we carry a variety of bow silencers, dampeners and accessories to make sure you get your arrows off as quietly as possible. Our bow-dampening products will help you reduce the vibration and noise of your bow, and smaller sizes are available to help you control vibration in accessories like sights, rests, quivers and cams. We also offer string silencers to help keep your bowstring quiet as well as bowstring wax to increase the longevity as well as the performance of your bowstring.