About Gun Safes

Durable & Reliable Quick-Access Gun Safes

A quick-access gun safe is one the safest and smartest ways to store your firearms when not in use. SCHEELS offers some of the most popular and industry-leading safe designs to ensure that your guns are accessible only to those with the proper credentials. We offer compact, firearm-specific safes as well as larger styles that let you keep your most prized possessions perfectly secure, including jewelry, electronics and personal documents.

Looking for a high-tech firearm safe that lets you find your guns even in the dark? Meet GunVault. GunVault safes have high-strength lock mechanisms with precise fittings that are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. They also feature the brand’s impressive No-Eyes Keypad for quick access when you need it the most. SCHEELS also carries quality safes by Sentry, Stack-On and Hornady that slide under the bed or can be stored in any discreet location.