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Are your firearms ripe for restoration? Looking to add some luster back into a classic? Perhaps you're ready to add value to that rare collectible. Or maybe you're looking to recover the functionality of a damaged gun.

Whatever your purpose, the Scheels gunsmithing team has the experience and expertise to breathe life back into your aging or damaged firearm.

Scheels' extensive list of services includes:

    Metal Finishing

    General Shotgun Work

    General Rifle Work

    Trigger Work

    Rebarrel Customers Action

    Muzzle Brakes

    Handgun Work

    Stock Work

    Stock Finishing

    Mag-Na-Port and Pro-Port


    Camo Dips

Additionally, Scheels does camo dips from creative effects or dynamic finishes. You can transform your entire gun, or limit the work to specific parts of your gun. Scheels has an abundance of patterns available, as listed below:

    Mossy Oak Shadow Grass

    Realtree Advantage

    Freedom Tan

    Natural Gear

    Treebark Superflauge

    Mossy Oak New Breakup

    Freedom Green

    Skyline Excel

    Cowboy Camo

    Advantage Max 4

    Realtree Hardwoods Green

    Max 1 Open Country

    Prairie Ghost Ultimate

    Mossy Oak Obsession

    River Ghost

    Snow Ghost

    Desert Tigerstripe

The Scheels gunsmithing team is passionate about gun restoration. You can be sure each gun will be treated with the utmost care as it is meticulously examined and repaired, giving you an end result you can be proud of.

Need a rifle resurrection? Or perhaps a pristine pistol? Call the Scheels gunsmith shops in Sioux Falls (605) 334-7767 or Des Moines (515) 727-4065 to get started!