Scheels Outfitters Rogue Arrows by Gold Tip

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Scheels Outfitters Rogue Arrows by Gold Tip

Style: 791331-69560

When I'm in the treestand, I know where my arrow will hit, because I am using the Scheels Outfitters Rogue arrows. These 100% C6 carbon arrows have 2-inch Vanetec HP vanes for minimal drag and incredible flight stability. With a straightness tolerance of .006 inch, I know each arrow will fly just like the others.

  • Durable 2" Vanetec HP vanes
  • Straightness tolerance of .006"
  • +/- 2 grains per 6 pack of arrows
  • Six arrows per pack

  • 500 size 7.4 grains per inch; green vanes
  • 400 size 8.2 grains per inch; chartreuse vanes
  • 340 size 8.9 grains per inch; orange vanes

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