About Cookbooks

After you’ve hunted your prey and made a big haul, it’s time to prepare the meat and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But what to cook? SCHEELS carries a complete line of hunting gear and apparel plus everything you need for quality food preparation — including cookbooks! Here you’ll find collections of recipes for many kinds of meat, such as deer, buffalo, bear, wild boar, pheasant, quail, various kinds of fish and more. With detailed instructions on cooking exotic meals, you’ll impress friends and family with your culinary skill.

With many years of expertise in sports equipment, outdoor gear and fishing and hunting supplies, we’re the best source for the highest quality products for do-it-yourself hunters, homesteaders and others who live off the land. We also offer unsurpassed customer service before, during and after the sale, so give us a call if you have any questions about our products.