Waterfowl Hunting


About Waterfowl Hunting

Make it a better waterfowl hunting experience with our famous-maker waterfowl hunter’s accessories from SCHEELS. We have waterfowl shoulder bags and mesh bags for waterfowl decoys. Stay warm in our waterfowl hunter’s cold weather bibs and parkas designed to retain up to 90 percent of your body heat. We carry braided decoy lines for water fowl and bird field dressing equipment. We have waterfowl floating blind bags for up to 18 decoys. Shop our waterfowl hunting jackets, fleece pants and waterproof cargo pants.

Lure your prey with our waterfowl decoys in 12-bird sets and duck and geese call. Transport your waterfowl decoys six at a time with our exclusive SCHEELS Outfitters 6-duck decoy canvas bag with padded shoulder strap. We have how-to geese calling calls to use with our Canada goose and duck decoys. We have more than a dozen designs in chest waders for waterfowl hunters.