Flextone Freak Mama Turkey Call


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Flextone Freak Mama Turkey Call

Style: 10495-FGTURK-00062

The Flextone® Freak Mama™ Turkey Mouth Call is one of Flextone's next generations of premium mouth calls, with precise, premium reeds for superior sound quality and consistency. Designed with turkey calling champion Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector® team, the Freak Mama™ features a 3-reed system which combines .004" and .003" latex reeds to get that natural double-note sound of a hen turkey. A unique, clipped double batwing cut creates super raspy yelps, cackles and cuts.

  • Triple reed with double batwing cut
  • Creates super raspy yelps, cackles & cutting
  • .004" & .003" latex for easier double notes

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