About Hunting Decoys

Lifelike Hunting Decoys for Bird Hunting, Predator Hunting & Deer Hunting

Whether you’re a sharp-shooting waterfowl hunter or a big game fanatic, SCHEELS has the perfect hunting decoys for your specific needs. We have a fantastic selection of bird decoys, including ducks, turkeys, goose and doves, as well as high-quality predator decoys designed to lure coyotes, foxes and other predators. We also have decoy accessories, including decoy gloves and batteries that you can toss in your daypack.

Lucky Duck decoys are a great choice for hunters who prefer high-energy, realistic looking decoys that move. These decoys are crafted to look lifelike with owls, critters and varmints that are proven to appeal to targets. They’re great for tossing in your hunting pack before predator hunting, as they’re designed for portability and ease of transport. SCHEELS also offers lifelike decoys made by Mojo, Avian-X, Dave Smith (DSD), Flambeau and more.