Hunting Gloves


About Hunting Gloves

High-Performance Hunting Gloves for Warmth & Scent Protection

Hunting gloves are required to do two main jobs that often can complicate one another: keeping your hands warm but also retaining the sensitivity to operate your gun, bow or other equipment properly. At SCHEELS, we carry a huge selection of men’s and women’s hunting gloves, hand warmers and accessories that will keep your hands toasty while providing the feeling to hunt and fish effectively.

We have gloves and other products that will keep your hands comfortable any time of year. If you hunt or fish during the spring or fall and are looking to keep your hands and fingers nimble, consider some of our uninsulated or fingerless gloves. For those of you who hunt or ice fish during winter’s deep freeze, take a look at some of our heavy-duty gloves and mitts to keep the cold out. Some of our gloves are waterproof, and we also carry scent-control gloves designed by Under Armour to minimize your chances of being given away to your prey while you stalk it.