Hunting Facemasks & Paint


About Hunting Facemasks & Paint

Camouflaging Hunting Facemasks & Hunting Makeup

Up your hunting game with a high-quality hunting facemask or some easy-to-apply hunting paint from These components are essential for professional or serious hunters who want head-to-toe inconspicuousness while in the field. We carry the popular Hunters Specialties facemasks, which double as camouflaging and cold-weather face protectors. They’re uniquely designed to conceal your head and neck region without limiting your peripheral vision.

You’ll be able to stay far under the radar with some camouflage makeup that’s excellent for warm-weather hunts where you don’t want to add bulk and warmth to your gear. These hunting paints are precisely colored to match mud, bark, leaf and other foliage to help you blend in perfectly. also offers comfortable, warmth-trapping camouflage balaclavas that conform to your head to ensure warmth and wind-resistance.