About Muzzleloaders

Shop our muzzleloader rifle accessories at SCHEELS. We have rifle slings with detachable swivels that will fit most muzzleloaders. We have speed clip loaders and muzzleloader ammunition. Find replacement parts and cleaning kits engineered for muzzle-loading guns. We carry see-through powder flasks that make it easy to monitor your muzzleloader powder supply. We have bore brushes and other tools to clean and protect your rifle.

Or, invest in a muzzleloader accessories pack with ball/patch puller, bore swab and bore brush, and cleaning jag/loading tip. Keep your powder dry in a muzzleloader dry box with weather-resistant seals and convenient lift-out trays. Also shop our powder measures for muzzleloader firearms. Also shop our hunter apparel with camouflage patterns to blend into the environment. Game won’t smell you, either, with our odor-eliminating sprays, wipes, soaps and portable ozone production machines.