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Outers Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


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Product Description

Outers Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Style: 4829-46210

Tri-Care One-Step Cleaner headlines the Outers Universal Gun Cleaning kit. It includes quality brushes and sturdy brass rods for safe bore cleaning.

  • Solid 3-piece brass cleaning rod
  • 22-cal phosphor brush
  • .30/32-cal phosphor brush
  • 38-cal/9mm phosphor brush
  • 12-gauge phosphor brush
  • .22/270-cal slotted batch loop
  • .22/243-cal spear pointed jag
  • 30-cal slotted patch loop
  • 30-cal spear pointed jag
  • All gauge slotted patch loop
  • Rod adaptor
  • Micro-fiber absorbent patches
  • Tri-Care Protects/Cleans/ Lubricates 2-ounce bottle
  • Reusable clamshell for storage

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