Predator Calls


About Predator Calls

Predators will come running with our expert predator calls from SCHEELS. We have simple predator callers and sophisticated electronic predator calling systems. Learn about the best calls, best times to use them and how to use the weather to your advantage with our popular books and interactive DVDs from veteran hunters for beginners and experienced hunters. We have predator calls for coyotes, fox, raccoons, bears, mountain lions and other predators.

Shop our open-reed predator calls designed to mimic the low-pitched raspy sounds heard only in the wild. We have electronic predator call styles with pre-programmed sounds of cottontails, coyote pups in distress and fawns bleating. Target your prey with 180-degree pivoting speakers on electronic predator calls with remotes. Find predator calls to fit every budget. Shop top brands like FoxPro, Primos, Knight & Hale, Flextone and Johnny Stewart. Also shop our predator decoys. If you have questions, consult the expert hunters on our staff. We have the best hunting equipment, from scopes and lights to traps and specialty hunter apparel.