Predator Hunting Apparel


About Predator Hunting Apparel

Our predator hunting apparel from SCHEELS is available in woodlands camouflage, winter terrain patterns and other styles designed to prevent predators from knowing you’re in the vicinity. Don’t let predators sense you from your scent. We have premium brands in odor-control shirts and gloves for predator hunters.

When spring arrives, wear camo patterns with more green to blend in with your environment. In winter, camouflage jackets with snowy terrain patterns are available. We have fleece jackets with woodland trails patterns. We carry traditional six-pocket camouflage hunting pants made with quick-dry fabric. Predators won’t notice you when you’re standing out in the open with our full-cover ghillie suits designed to resemble the environment. Wear this five-piece string and mesh fabric suit over your pants and T-shirt. The five-piece set includes a combination hood and veil, jacket, pants, gun cover and storage bag. The open mesh camouflage face veil hides your face while allowing you to see your prey.