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Men's Odyssey Works Versa SuperStroke #1W Putter

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Men's Odyssey Works Versa SuperStroke #1W Putter

Style: 642331-73057642535SS-E5

The Odyssey Works #1 Wide Putter is a compact heel-toe weighted blade with a wide flange, Versa high contrast alignment, a double bend shaft and full-shaft offset.

Quicker Roll With Fusion RX

We’ve taken the most legendary insert of all-time that’s the best feeling, bestselling, with the most Tour wins and combined it with unbelievable new roll technology for the Fusion RX Insert. It’s where feel meets roll as we couple the White Hot insert with ultra-thin stainless steel mesh and our patented Metal-X roll pattern. There are no compromises, and it has faster roll than the White Hot insert, so it reduces skidding and gets the ball into a pure roll faster.

Major-Winning Versa Alignment

You’ve seen how the world’s best players trust this visionary alignment. The silver and black contrast lets your eyes key in on the linear designs to highlight the proper face angle from address to impact for alignment throughout your putting stroke.

Tour Proven Shapes

These are some of our most prolific models that have dominated Tour events and major championships for years. All of these putters have been validated over and over by the world’s best players.

SuperStroke Grip

The SuperStroke Grip is oversized for greater playability and creates maximum control with each putt, creates a pendulum-like stroke and promotes a lighter grip.

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