5.11 Tactical


About 5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical brand apparel and footwear from SCHEELS is field tested for outdoors and on-the-job performance. 5.11 Tactical pants are worn by trainees at the FBI Academy. This company’s designer work hand in hand with public safety officers to create clothing and boots that are functional and durable with unique features. Shop our line of 5.11 Tactical shirts, boots, pants, vests, backpacks and carry packs. 5.11 Tactical turned to the special ops community for advice in making its side zip duty boots with quiet outsoles and hidden pockets in the boots’ uppers to store a knife or handcuff keys.

We have the 5.11 Tactical V-neck holster shirt with pockets under each arm to hold a handgun or extra magazines. A layer of outer mesh fabric in this T-shirt was designed to mask the outline of your firearm. Our basic 5.11 Tactical brand pants, standard training pants at the FBI Academy, have seven pockets, including rear slash pockets. These sturdy pants are made of heavy-duty cotton canvas. 5.11 Tactical’s versatile belts can be converted into a secondary carry strap, emergency harness or secure tie down. Carry your firearm and ammunition to the gun range in a 5.11 Tactical range bag with locking zippers, padded pistol sleeves and an internal built-in magnet to secure your accessories.