Arbor Snowboards


About Arbor Snowboards

Ride the snow on a premium Arbor snowboard. At SCHEELS, we carry favorite Arbor styles for beginners and advanced riders. Arbor’s wide snowboards are considered the smart choice for entry-level snowboarding. The advanced design makes this starter snowboard especially easy to ride. Arbor’s Westmark snowboard is a repeat winner of the TWS Good Wood Award. It’s available as a Camber System version or in a Rocker System style. For bigger ollies, choose the Camber System. For cleaner tracking, many of our customers go with the Rocker snowboard.

We also have snowboards by Arbor designed specifically for women athletes. These boards have spoon-head tips, single malt cores and Biax glassing. Find your favorite Arbor snowboard for your skill level and personal style. Also shop our ski slopes-worthy line of famous-maker winter coats, jacket, vests and snow pants. We’ll keep you warm from top to bottom with our cozy ski hats and insulated boots from