About Broadheads

When it comes to successful bow hunting, fixed and mechanical broadheads each have advantages. Because they fly through the air with a more streamlined profile, opening only when they find their target, mechanical broadheads tend to offer greater speed and reach their targets faster. But they lose some of their power due to the energy expended when they open, so they tend to have slightly less impact than fixed arrowheads.

At SCHEELS, we carry a big assortment of fixed and mechanical broadheads to fit whatever your preference or a particular hunt calls for. Whether you’re stalking deer, elk or some other game, you’ll find the right broadhead for your quarry here. In addition, we have plenty of points for practice to hone your target-shooting skills as well as accessories to keep you in business, whether you prefer fixed or mechanical broadheads.

We carry the latest in broadheads as well as tried-and-true products from leading manufacturers, including Rage Outdoors, Muzzy and Grim Reaper. Our practice points are available in a variety of styles, including bullet points, bludgeon points and combo points, so you can find exactly the right ones for the targets you plan to shoot. At SCHEELS, our broadhead accessories include everything you’ll need to keep shooting at peak performance, including replacement blades and shrink bands as well as cases to make organizing and carrying your broadheads more convenient.