About CW-X

Explore this athletic clothing line for women — it’s anatomically engineered to deliver maximum performance. CW-X is a company with more than 550 patents on its collection of performance sports apparel, including shorts, tights and pants. CW-X athletic apparel is designed to support the body while it’s in motion. The company’s patented Support Web technology is designed to target and support muscles and joints. For example, our women’s CW-X Pro three-quarters length tights at rely on targeted, variable compression to increase leg circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. That means your muscles don’t have to work as hard during your conditioning exercises when you wear CW-X workout tights. Or, skip the tights and slide on a pair of CW-X brand calf sleeves designed to increase stability and muscle efficiency. Try CW-X “ventilator” shorts with discreet mesh ventilation panels for your warm weather workouts to reduce heat fatigue. Also shop our collection of premium women’s athletic workout shoes.