Easton Archery


About Easton Archery

Eastern Archery has been an innovator and leader in the sport and art of archery since 1922. Easton is the company that introduced straight, more consistent aluminum shafts in the 1940s. That’s why today you’ll find American-made Eastern Archery arrows being used by Olympics competitors and by veteran bow hunters, crossbow pros and target shooters. At SCHEELS, we have a large selection of Eastern Archery arrows, quivers and arrow maintenance kits designed to improve your skills on the archery range and in the field. We have Easton flipside hip arrow quivers with belt clip attachments and bow square slots that can be worn on the right side or left side. Find your favorite arrows and components from our Eastern Archery collection. You can also find a full line of archery targets at SCHEELS.com. Every purchase you make comes with our 100% satisfaction-guarantee for our customers.