About Eskimo

We carry Eskimo brand ice fishing shelters and equipment at SCHEELS because Eskimo has been the leader in this industry for more than half a century. We carry Eskimo’s best ice shelter and ice fisherman essentials ranging from ice augers to chisels. Eskimo makes exceptional portable ice shelters with patented insulated fabric for the roofs and rear panels. Anglers stay warmer inside this shelter with black fabric designed to absorb and retain heat. Eskimo portable ice shelters also have larger windows, bigger side doors and more head room over your holes than ordinary shelters. We also carry Eskimo’s popular Alaskan fur hats. While designed for ice fishermen, these cozy fur hats are becoming favorites for hunting, hiking and skiing. That’s why Eskimo’s Alaskan fur hats are favorite gifts for men and women for cold-weather wear. Also shop our ice fishing tackle and apparel collections at