About Gunslick

Gunslick Pro is a leading brand in the gun care industry, and we carry their best-selling firearms cleaners and lubricants at SCHEELS. These scientifically tested firearms care products include swabs, picks, bores and AR-15-specific gun cleaning kits. Gunslick Pro’s premium gun cleaners are designed to remove 99 percent of powder fouling. These Gunslick Pro gun cleaners also remove copper and loosen lead deposits, leaving behind a light layer of lubrication to protect against corrosion. Use advanced Gunslick graphite lube on your weapon before and after storage to keep your gun’s moving parts working smoothly. Spray-foam gun bore cleaners by Gunslick Pro are the fast way to dissolve copper deposits. The foam action promises complete coverage of the inside of your firearm barrel. Shop all our famous-maker rifle and handgun care products at for hunters and target shooters. Visit any of our 26 SCHEELS stores in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and Wisconsin.