About Hoppe's

Hoppe’s has spent more than a century earning its reputation as “the gun care people.” Our collection of Hoppe’s gun cleaners and lubricants at SCHEELS includes gun cleaning supplies that have been tested by U.S.-based Hoppe’s to perform under extreme temperatures and weather conditions in the field and at shooting target ranges. Pro gun cleaning and solvent formulas from Hoppe’s remove carbon, lead and most copper fouling faster than lesser gun cleaners. Special ingredients are added to help reduce future fouling.

Hoppe's versatile high-viscosity lubricating oil is a favorite for lubricating firearms, fishing reels and precision tools. We also carry bore snakes and bore lights by Hoppe’s. Shop all our hunter and sports shooter equipment, tools and apparel by America’s best-known brands. We guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase from SCHEELS.com. We have been offering the best brands in hunting and outdoors equipment and supplies for more than a century from our headquarters in North Dakota.