About LEGO

Let the kids and kids at heart get creative with LEGO building block toy kits from SCHEELS. Themes range from Angry Birds to Batman to always-popular Star Wars characters and Star Wars movie action scene kits. While the tiny plastic building blocks can be arranged in any way, accessories with each kit mimic the theme through added characters, signs and toy scenery. The same family has owned Denmark-based LEGO since its beginnings in 1932 as a toy company that believes “good quality play” can enrich a child’s learning skills and development. LEGO was crated from the first two letters of the Danish words “leg godt,” for play well. These are not toys that go out of date. Every little LEGO brick made since 1958 can interlock with each other. When LEGO turned to computers to calculate how many ways a kid can use LEGO blocks, the result was that two tiny LEGO blocks can be combined 24 different ways. Three interlocking blocks can be combined 1,060 ways.