Shooting Sticks


About Shooting Sticks

Use these well-constructed shooting sticks for the precise accuracy you need while hunting. We offer a varied selection of monopods, rifle bipods, tripods and shooting sticks to keep your aim strong and steady. It’s a matter of personal preference which you choose.

Bipods and tripods are extremely sturdy and are heavy duty for rugged terrain. You’ll find models here made from high-strength aluminum alloy and tempered spring steel. While monopods, bipods and tripods are all adjustable for height, you may find that a more lightweight yet still durable aluminum shooting stick offers the ultimate in flexibility. They’re easy to quickly adjust for different shot heights, keeping you as nimble as your prey. Certain models can swivel a full 360 degrees to shoot at any angle.

Although shooting sticks and other steadying devices give you a little something more to carry with you on your hunting expedition, they give you an important edge in adapting to any situation.