About SKLZ

Athletes can improve their performance with SKLS sports training systems from SCHEELS. We have all-purpose hurdles by SKLZ, and strength and speed trainers. We have training systems for baseball and basketball. Improve your football throwing skills with a 7-foot by 7-foot set of three throwing targets to hone your accuracy. We also carry writing boards for coaches to track plays and progress for use on the field. Shop our SKLZ brand putting mats, training bats and track cones. We offer the most premium brands in athletic apparel, playing aids, footwear and other gear. Because we guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase, we only stock the best brands available to assure quality and durability. If you have questions about any of our training aids, sports apparel or other outdoor gear, consult our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We’re a U.S. company founded in 1902. You can trust our expertise.