SOG Specialty Knives


About SOG Specialty Knives

Inspired by the battlefields of the Vietnam era, SOG Specialty Knives has created modern outdoor-use knives for hunting, fishing and other outside adventures. It was a unique knife carried by U.S. special operations units in the jungles of Vietnam that inspired the creation of SOG. The SEAL 2000 is a style of knife designed specifically for today’s Navy Seals. At SCHEELS, we carry the best outdoors-use knives from SOG. We have SOG’s serrated flash knives with SOG’s unique safety lock and a reversible bayonet-mounted clip to carry it discreetly. We carry SOG hunting knives, skinning knives and fish-cleaning knife styles. The SOG Tomahawk is a modern evolution of the Vietnam Tomahawk used for excavation, removing obstacles and other outdoors applications. We have SOG’s smallest knife inside a case shaped like an ordinary key. This 2.5-inch knife with a 1-inch blade can cut a rope, open a box and perform other functions that require only a very small blade.