About Tippmann

Find the best Tippmann paintball gun barrels, markers and other paintball gear at SCHEELS. Tippmann has been the leader in paintball gear since the first game was played with guns loaded with dye-filled paintballs in America in the 1980s. Today’s indoor and outdoor paintball enthusiasts trust Tippmann for superior paintball equipment to improve their game. We have Tippmann’s iconic Flatline paintball gun barrels designed to improve your range and accuracy. Increase your range by up to 250 feet with Tippmann’s trademarked Flatline barrels with built-in fore grips and patented backspin technology. Tippmann’s switches include models with five firing modes to let loose up to 20 balls per second. We carry Tippmann paintball parts kits to repair your markers in the field. Also shop our top brands in outdoor adventure gear, from durable apparel to high-performance shoes and boots. Join our e-mail list for subscriber specials throughout the year.