About Tripods

SCHEELS carries a wide selection of hunting optics and accessories from leading brands like Bushnell, Vanguard and Vortex. Our selection of tripods is well-suited for all your outdoor pursuits, from high-stakes predator hunting to long-range birdwatching. Tripods allow you to securely mount your optics for safe, hands-free viewing of far-away subjects. Many of these versatile options have universal designs to fit all your gear, including your spotting scope, rangefinder or camera, so you can use one tripod with all your optics.

Industry leaders like Vanguard and Nikon make premier hunting tripods that are easy to carry and built to endure in the outdoors. Pick up a folding tripod for simple, compact storage and easy transportation from point A to point B. Not only do we offer convenient standing tripods, but we also carry car window mounts that provide a lightweight, portable and steady tripod alternative. SCHEELS has the right tripod to meet your unique needs.