Vexilar FL-18 Pro Pack II w/ Ice-Ducer Fish Sonar


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Vexilar FL-18 Pro Pack II w/ Ice-Ducer Fish Sonar

Style: 52762-PP1812D

The Pro Pack is Vexilar's most popular winter fishing system. The system comes completely assembled and ready to fish with the three-color FL-18 flasher depth finder/fish finder, a 12-volt 9-amp hour battery with a charger, the patented 12-degree self-leveling Ice-Ducer, and an instructional video. Stand out features begin with the system's strong, enlarged handle design and the universal transducer holder system--as well as standard features that include a rod holder, a tackle box, and a cable storage system.

The durable Pro case offers a built-in gimbal bracket to support your flasher. The FL-18 is Vexilar's most advanced three-color flasher/fish finder--packed with features that include a Low Power mode for shallow water use, Auto Zoom, Bottom Lock, Interference Rejection, and target ID of less than an inch. The FL-18 offers a patented split screen flasher display that allows you to zoom-in on the bottom six feet while watching the entire water column--at the same time--in real time. The flasher's green, orange, and red display shows weak, medium and strong targets. The FL-18 uses super-bright LED technology for sunlight viewing.

The Pro Pack system comes with a high quality 12 volt, 9 amp hour battery as well as the T-130 Battery Status Indicator. The Pro Pack has been designed to fit into a five gallon bucket for easy access, and has an optional soft pack carrying case available (sold separately). The entire Pro Pack system is factory assembled and individually tested.

  • Pro Pack with FL-18 Three Color Flasher, 12-volt 9-amp hour battery with charger, patented 12-degree Ice-Ducer, and instructional video
  • FL-18 features Auto Zoom, Bottom Lock, and Low Power modes with a super bright, split-screen display
  • 12-degree Ice-Ducer system is a self-leveling transducer with float
  • Pro Pack features include D-130 Battery Status Indicator, rod holder, tackle box, and cable storage system
  • FL-18 carries a two-year warranty; one year battery warranty

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