WoodWick Seaside Mimosa Wax Melt


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WoodWick Seaside Mimosa Wax Melt

Style: 663595-534085

Seaside Mimosa - A blend of juicy citrus and sparkling champagne grapes make this scent as refreshing as a cold drink on a summer shore.

Available in the iconic WoodWick Candle Hourglass Shape, our wax melt features easily breakable squares perfect for any standard wax warmer, traditional or electric. Just pop a wax melt square onto a wax burner and light a tea light below, or use one of our electric burners to remove the need for a flame. The scent will diffuse into your room and last for up to 10 hours per wax square. Each Packet of 6 wax melt cubes has a net weight of 3oz and will give you 60 hours of fragrance.

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