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About First Lite

First Lite: Your Premier Choice for Elite Hunting Gear!

Experience the great outdoors with unmatched comfort and precision when you choose First Lite hunting gear from SCHEELS. Offering an array of strategically designed items like First Lite waders and pants, each product guarantees quality and performance to meet the demands of the dedicated hunter. These features provide the advantage of enhanced mobility and protection, enabling you to navigate rugged hunting terrains with ease and confidence.

See for yourself the benefits of investing in First Lite hunting clothes. Crafted from highly durable materials, these clothing items not only protect you from the elements but also heighten your hunting experience by ensuring lasting comfort and functionality. From your stealthy stakeouts to your thrilling chases, First Lite enhances every moment of your hunting journey. While this top-tier hunting gear is only available in-store, it's an adventure worth embarking on. Check your local SCHEELS store availability today and transform your hunting expeditions with First Lite!