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Garmin Crossbow Scopes & Bow Sights

In such a technical and tactical activity, eliminate chance with a Garmin crossbow scope or a Garmin bow sight. A high-quality Garmin crossbow scope has the ability to range game targets up to 250 yards away. Plus, Garmin crossbow scopes use digital aim points to automatically calibrate to your crossbow setup. Our SCHEELS hunting experts' favorite part of Garmin crossbow scopes is their ability to magnify your vision 3.5X so you can be confident when you pull the trigger.

If you prefer to hunt with a traditional bow, consider a Garmin bow sight for a more accurate shot. Garmin bow sights have the ability to measure the angle-compensated distance to your target and provide you with the information you need to take the perfect shot. Oh, and Garmin bow sights have an LED pin for pinpoint accuracy. Take it a step further with multiple bright LED pins placed over your target to avoid obstructions. As an added bonus, Garmin bow sights can pair to compatible Garmin GPS devices to inform you of your target's exact location when the shot or range was taken. Eliminate chance with a Garmin bow sight or Garmin crossbow scope from SCHEELS.