Stickers & Patches

  • Discounted Price$12.99 Standard Price$16.00 Save $3.01
  • Discounted Price$12.99 Standard Price$16.00 Save $3.01

About Stickers & Patches

Vinyl or Wood Stickers and Patches to Make a Statement

Make a statement with a simple sticker. Choose from a variety of sticker options at SCHEELS to show off your personality. You can place these sweet stickers on your water bottle, laptop, bike helmet, cooler, cell phone, or anywhere else you choose! From lake and camping themes to animals and sports themes, we have a sticker for you. SCHEELS even carries stickers made from wood that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

Whether your Hydro Flask is already covered with stickers or bare, SCHEELS has the high-quality, durable vinyl stickers you enjoy! The popular sticker brands we carry include Dust City Designs, Blue 84, Life is Good, Lakegirl, and many more. Enjoy the intricate details of these sweet stickers today!