Air Rifles & Paintball

About Air Rifles & Paintball


SCHEELS carries a wide range of air rifles and air pistols, paintball markers, ammunition, targets and accessories to raise your game to the next level. Our airsoft and airgun gear, including high-performance air rifles and air pistols, collapsible stock kits, airsoft pellets and BBs, air rifle bipods, pellgun oil and airsoft kits. Depending on the model, the air revolvers and air pistols have features such as single or double-action capability, semi-automatic options, fixed or adjustable rear sight and much more.

The air rifles are available in traditional or contemporary styles, with features like lever cocking spring air action, an automatic cocking safety system, fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight and safety crossbolt. There are models that can use pellets or BBs as ammunition, and some include mounts for a scope. In addition, we have a great selection of paintball equipment and supplies include paintball markers, paint grenades, replacement O-rings and a variety of targets, including paper targets and trap targets, plus slingshots and slingshot ammunition and safety glasses.

Note: Our high-performance air rifles and paintball guns, must be purchased in one of our physical store locations.