Rifle Ammunition


About Rifle Ammunition

Rifle Ammo for Hunting and Target Shooting

Shop rifle ammunition at SCHEELS and get ready to hit your target with precision. Our selection of rifle ammo includes rounds for hunting varmints, predator species, and big game, as well as rifle rounds designed for target shooting. Whatever your favorite shooting sport, you’ll find the right rifle cartridge for your needs. Featuring top ammo brands like Hornady, Federal, and more, we carry rifle ammunition built for reliable precision.

No matter what caliber of rifle ammo you need, you’ll find it at SCHEELS. From varmints and predators to big game, we offer a variety of rifle cartridges for hunting. Whether you’re after .223 or 5.56 ammo for your MSR or you need to restock on 6.5 Creedmoor rounds for long-range shooting, our selection of rifle ammunition has something for every hunter or target shooter. Several of our rifle rounds are even optimized to take down big game like deer, elk, and other species. From .223 to .308 Winchester, find high-quality rifle ammunition at SCHEELS.

Please review your federal, state, and/or local restrictions. Some local and state laws have further restrictions to purchase ammunition.