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Rifle Ammo: .223, .270, 6.5 PRC, & More

Check out a great selection of rifle ammunition available at SCHEELS! Whether you’re after rounds for your .223, .270, 5.56, 6.5 PRC, or another caliber, we’ve got you covered. With leading brands like Hornady, Remington, Federal Premium, and more, you’ll find reliable accuracy built for the range or your hunt. We make sure to stay stocked with a variety of grains and bullet styles so every hunter and target shooter can find the right rifle round for their needs. Plus, we offer fast, convenient shipping* so you’re ready for the field. Whether you’re after .223/5.56 ammo or a larger caliber like 6.5 Creedmoor, shop the selection of rifle rounds at SCHEELS.

*Please review your federal, state, and/or local restrictions. Some local and state laws may have further restrictions to purchase ammunition. Shipping may not be available in all locations.