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Aim for High-Quality Shotgun Ammunition that You Can Rely On

When you’re practicing your shots at the range to improve your skills in the field, choose SCHEELS as your hunting shotgun ammunition headquarters. At SCHEELS, our team of experts has leading-industry knowledge and passion to choose high-quality ammunition that you from brands you can rely on, including Winchester, Federal, Fiocchi Ammunition, Remington, and many more.

Whether you need specific shotgun shells for your next waterfowl experience or shotgun shells for target practice, we have a wide variety of gauge options to choose from, including 10 ga., 12 ga., 16 ga., and much more. Even if you’re new to shotgun ammunition or experienced, our team of experts is here to help you find the shotgun ammunition you need for a successful day a the shooting range or in the field — SCHEELS has you covered.