Archery Rests

About Archery Rests

Stay Steady and on Target with an Archery Arrow Rest

An arrow rest doesn’t just keep the arrow steady, it also maximizes your potential to improve your archery accuracy. Before your first hunt in the field, make sure you are equipped with the latest selection of arrow rests for the best hunting experience. At SCHEELS, our team is dedicated to providing you with the top selection of archery rest brands such as Hoyt, Quality Archery Designs, Mathews, and more. For compound bows, our brands feature the latest technology to keep a steady arrow during the hunt.

At SCHEELS, our selection goes beyond archery name brands. We carry a wide assortment of arrow rest styles for bows and compound bows. For the traditional bowhunters, SCHEELS carries recurve rug rests to update the shelf rest. With technical compound bows, arrow rest styles such as the launcher, containment, or drop-away are available. Need help narrowing down which brand and style? Our team of experts is here to help you perform your best in the field so you can focus on hitting your target every time.